HBSL Rules

What is the HockeyBuzz SuperLeague?

It's the best fantasy game every created. Of course, we're a little biased. The HBSL is a hybrid between a salary cap game and a head-to-head fantasy game.

Each week you create your 20 man roster based on the actual NHL salary cap and the actual salary cap hits. You then face-off with a fellow hockey fan. At the end of the regular season, we throw the best 128 teams into a 7-week playoff.


Each HockeyBuzz user is allowed one entry into the HockeyBuzz SuperLeague. To be eligible for the grand prize, you must be a HockeyBuzz Season Ticket Holder when the NHL season begins. To play, you must be signed up and have a completed roster by the start of the 1st game of the season.


Shortly after the beginning of the first NHL game on the opening night of the NHL season, all of the entered teams will be broken up into leagues with 18+. At that time, your regular season schedule will be created and you will know who you are playing in advance. Each weekly matchup you win is worth 2 points in the standings while a tie is worth one point.


Two seperate 128-team playoff brackets will be created at the conclusion of the HBSL regular season. One bracket will be reserved for HB Season Ticket Holders while the other will be for those who weren't HB Season Ticket Holders at the start of the NHL season. The highest ranking STH team and the highest ranking free team in each league will earn a playoff berth. The remaining spots will be filled based on the highest points scored throughout the course of the season (wins is the first tiebreaker followed by goals scored and then saves). In the event of a tie during the playoffs, the tiebreakers are 1) Goals scored, 2) Saves, 3) Shots on goal.


Plus Minus1
Penalty Minutes1
Plus Minus2
Penalty Minutes2
Goals Against-2
* Shootout goals are no longer included in scoring calculation!

Building your Team

  • Salary Cap - Team salary cap for the this season is $83,500,000 You must choose four (4) left wings, four (4) right wings, four (4) centers, six (6) defensemen, and two (2) goaltenders to build a full team.
  • Players - Player salaries used in the fantasy game are the salary cap hits for the current season. Only players listed in Cap Central will be included for selection when building your roster.
  • Weekly Deadline - Rosters run from Monday until Sunday. The deadline to enter your team for the week is the start of the first game for the week. Typically the deadline will fall on Mondays.

Subject to Change

To make the game as accurate as possible, we reserve the right to alter the finalized scoring statistics, schedule, and format when needed.